Matthias Noback: Hexagonal Architecture

20th January 2015

You have now an exclusive opportunity to participate in Advanced Symfony Application Architecture Training held by Matthias Noback on 18 March 2015 in Milan.

As Matthias explains: “During the Hexagonal Architecture Training you will learn to think in terms of boundaries and cores You will learn to apply hexagonal architecture and DDD principles and patterns to your code, which will become simpler and better testable. It will be much easier to add another interface to your application, like a public API or a command-line interface. And you'll be able to decouple the core of your application from the data storage and any asynchronous aspect of your system, like a message queue.”

Buy your ticket for this training now or better book a COMBINED ticket that allows you to participate in both events – Matthias' Hexagonal Training and European Drupal Days at a SUPER CONVEVIENT PRICE!

About Matthias

Matthias Noback started his professional career 12 years ago as a freelance web developer. After working as a PHP developer for various companies, he decided to try something else; though programming will always be his passion, he has now taken this further and is also teaching, writing and consulting. He is the author of "A Year With Symfony" ( and "Principles of PHP Package Design" (  and regularly posts on his blog "PHP & Symfony" (

Matthias Noback: Hexagonal Architecture Training